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Independent and multidisciplinary team of professionals. Process analysis, technology consulting.

Peace of mind and security for your project.

Understand what the customer needs.

Lighting and growth projects

The quality of the lighting, the right solution.

Spectrocolorimetry and Photometry

The composition of the light source, ensuring its correct functionality and availability of all wavelengths contained. As well as its distribution in the area to be illuminated.

Cabin Paint Vehicles

Color during painting with lighting balance ensures color outdoors.

Sports courts

La temperatura de color y la posición de los proyectores garantiza la confortabilidad en el juego, evita el deslumbramiento y la luz intrusa en el entorno.


Why choose Mediatur

Mediatur se funda en 2016 con la intención dar un soporte multidisciplinar en gestión de proyectos tecnológicos, sistemas de gestión, auditorias energéticas y eléctricas, proyectos de iluminación, luz intrusa, como resultado de las experiencias alcanzadas en los diferentes sectores del mercado.

The experience of more than 12 years in LED lighting projects, energy efficiency, project management and installations, support us to give you an answer according to your demands and requirements. Always from an independent point of view and putting the interests of our customers first.

Dedicated to consulting and advising in different industrial and productive fields, integrating systems for capturing and obtaining results based on processed data.

We have more than 12 years of experience in technological development, analysis and implementation projects. The final independent inspection of installations or projects carried out is of great added value to know if the planned objectives have been met.

We will always advise the customer impartially and freely, as there is no commitment to existing product brands. The recommended products and solutions are based on the proven success of projects that we have managed and monitored, thus providing a validated starting point and a guarantee of a viable and verifiable solution.

The analyst/consultant is to companies what the doctor is to patients. The company has a 'disease' (problem - 'pain') and hires the services of an analyst/consultant to diagnose the causes of its 'symptomatology' in order to be able to 'prescribe' the best solution.


Before starting the development of a "supposed" understood solution, think about the following :


"... I know you think you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure that what you thought you heard is what I meant..."


This is a factor that is missed by some developers and in any project you should spend the necessary time to get the right requirements.

Why consulting?

 Personalized external consultancy

An analysis of the current market, efficiency, and other technologies, reflects that there is a great variability between the quality and reliability of the product versus the information provided either by the manufacturer or in as in most cases the importer.

A good external and technical advice as well as an analysis of the different possibilities, avoids these and other situations, taking into account that the final customer does not master the technology in constant evolution, we can thus avoid the disappointment or the mistake of having made a decision based only on "ease of application" or "the best cost offered"...

In most of the occasions a great confusion is created when comparing the specifications supplied by the different suppliers, on the one hand using values that do not allow an impartial comparison and above all does not contemplate "the particularity of that particular installation but a generic situation".

The accurate and independent analysis of the possible products offered or in the process of selection, at the time of project preparation, helps to ensure the correct implementation of the product or the best rated solution, both in terms of performance and quality, as well as the guarantee and maintenance of its expected characteristics over time.

We carry out the execution of complete customized lighting studies, following the guidelines of the style and lighting characteristics of the client, in addition to compliance with current regulations for both indoor and outdoor projects.

In addition, we can generate a simulation of what the final result of your future lighting installation will be using the best software (DIALux) in our own lighting design department supported by the lighting calculations, presented in a complete report, by our engineering department.

Industrial buildings, public and street lighting, shopping centres and commercial premises, sports facilities, car parks, hotels, offices, restaurants and even private homes are within our range of LED lighting projects.

  • Lighting calculations: We implement in a virtual simulation the optimal lighting levels, as well as a correct distribution of luminaires.
  • Asesoramiento: Todos los proyectos son específicos y son ajustados por los requerimientos del cliente
  • Revisión: Adaptación del proyecto a las modificaciones requeridas previas a la ejecución de este.

Indoor growth control and management


Development of equipment to capture climate data (internal and external temperature, ambient humidity, soil humidity, quality, time and content (in electromagnetic radiation) of irradiated light, plant size and color, stem thickness, leaf type, and other variables (according to plant type).

Creating an autonomous and intelligent control program to adequately supply the plant with air recycling, relative humidity, time and amount of irrigation, feed, light exposure times and its composition, based on the cycle of the vegetable harvested in its natural environment.

Thus creating a space completely isolated from the weather cycle and independent of the season we are in, managed to optimize the growth of the plant, its flowering and its fruits, as well as the amount of crops, thus eliminating the component of pests (spraying) and chemical fertilization, resulting in a 100% clean and ecological product.

The control system adapts to the growth stage by means of camera and sensor feedback.


Quality of light


One of the aspects with less interest on the part of the manufacturer or the buyer is to verify the QUALITY and COMPOSITION of the spectrum that makes up the light source.
Only by means of a measurement with a guaranteed spectrocolorimetry equipment will you be able to evaluate these factors "hidden in the light".

Another aspect to take into account is the photometric analysis of the light source, thus obtaining the real characteristics of its behavior in the EMISSION of light.

Human Centric Lighting


People-centred lighting design.

Today, people spend most of the day in our offices, exposed to artificial lighting and with almost no access to natural light.
Por eso sabemos la importancia y la responsabilidad que tenemos a la hora de ofrecer soluciones en iluminación.
Light affects humans directly and their environment, as it is the main environmental stimulus involved in synchronising the circadian rhythm.


Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle.

Most of the vital functions of the human being obey this rhythm.

On the other hand, we have biological clocks, which are molecular mechanisms that serve to adapt certain behaviors to different phases of the day or year.

Signals from the hypothalamus (the manager of the biological clock) are transmitted to different areas of the brain, which respond to light, including the pineal gland.

In response to light, the pineal gland stops producing melatonin, a hormone that causes drowsiness.

After nightfall, the level of melatonin in the body tends to increase, making you feel sleepy.

LUXES (Aussie Group)

LUXES is a company formed by professionals and graduates in the areas of engineering, architecture, electronics and environment, which belongs to the European business group Aussie Group, from where it manages the development, acquisition and distribution of its products.

The company's goal is to provide innovative customized lighting solutions with LED technology. Based on quality, innovation and design.
Our professionals have the necessary experience to meet any customer need in the field of LED lighting and intelligent control systems to manage and reduce energy consumption, high maintenance costs and minimize environmental impact.






Web technology


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Sorsan IT,with their long experience, try to make computer science understandable.
Together with the client, we help to express their ideas with understanding so that it is possible to provide solutions to their problems, to their needs.


WEB Design


Domain management and hosting

Web maintenance

Monthly and annual plans

Natural SEO

Content management.

Upgrades according to market.

Without worrying about your website.



Business management systems



Web design and construction

Lighting and installations

Sports, industrial, commercial and street lighting...

Network analysis and energy efficiency.

Intrusive or disturbing light studies (dark sky).

Spectrolorimetry reports. And photometry.

Comparative studies between different offers for a choice of the best and most suitable product.

Simulation studies on dialux and post-installation verification of expected compliance.

Replacement or new construction projects.

Electrical installations.

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